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ridgid belt sander not collecting dust

This is a good and timely question for me. This belt sander never collected anything in the dust bag. http://www.homedepot.com/p/RID.....5yc1vZc36d. RIDGID R2740 Heavy Duty Variable Speed Belt Sander, GR. The dust bag inflates but nothing goes in there, all the created sawdust blows all over the room with the help of the motor fan that exhausts hot air out of the front. I use a 15gal stainless steel drum shop vac. Makes too much sense for me to ignore. Unique dual fan system cools the belt sander while also efficiently collecting dust; Very affordable cost of seventy dollars, especially for the numerous extra features Cons. Look for a belt sander that has an efficient dust collection system. I've found the 2 1/2 on the back works well enough for using the drums, but when using the belt it really benefits from another collection point at the end of the belt where it wants to shoot the dust off. I have a small shop in my basement with both an air filtration system and an older delta 2hp 2 bag dust collector in my garage that the ducts run into my basement. I thought I was the only one that would use the dyson in the shop. Hope that helps. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Just an addition to oldreddog’s contribution. is that the trend of things now? The Ridgid belt sander is a nice, petite and very lightweight belt sander. I use the ROS a lot and it takes a month of more to fill up the bag. The cheap white ones will rip and break and leave a huge cloud of dust. DOH! I made a cyclone for my shop vac out of an old burned out shop vac with wheels this will do 2 things – 1. will keep your HEPA filter clean and unclogged (I was pretty surprised after emptying the vac that the HEPA filter was practically clean with only very very fine dust on it) and 2. it’ll make it so much easier to empty your shop vac, and keep the dust from filling the air. x 18 in. Is Festool my best bet? 3816 Hawthorn Court, Waukegan, IL 60087, United States 847-780-6120 They clog up quickly and then leave dust all over. The most important point to note is the collector’s ability to retain the dust after collecting it; so even if you have a high velocity airflow, do make sure that the dust does not escape via the dust bag, or for that matter, anywhere else on the dust collector! But hey, what are friends for? Nick for model number R2740 Belt sander asked on 2019-11-11 Hello Nick, thank you for your inquiry! This page was generated at 09:32 PM. Always wear a dust mask whilst operating a belt sander as the fine dust particles … So what I do is dial it down slowly with the sander running and wait for the sander to feel like its floating (like an air hockey table). By the way, the input here is terrific. OOPPS!!! Ridgid R2720 Belt Sander Replacement Dust Bag Assembly (2 Pack) # 300027054 by Ridgid. If you don’t use a bag, your filter will clog up in a hurry. The Festool Ros/DC setup is really a winner at keeping visible dust under control, but (yes, Douglas, there is indeed a ‘but’) I would use a dust collector if you have it as well. Cash only. I bought an extra HEPA filter for it but it gets so full of dust I have doubts about it’s effectiveness. You need to buy the heavy duty yellow shop vac bags. Same goes for my Festool circular saw. I have several extra 1 1/2" sanding sleeves that are included. I assume I’ll need to dial it down when I’m sanding a wide board covering all of the sanders holes, but what is the correct setting. Don't know about Makita or Mafell or other high end brands, never used them, but I know my Festool sanders are top notch at dust collection. Heavy Duty Variable Speed 3" X 18" Belt Sander | RIDGID Tools I always give honest opinions, findings, and experiences on products. Even with the dust bag it grabs almost all the dust, when connected to the dust extractor nothing gets away from that thing. I have to agree with this totally. Sanders do their job incredibly well which means they generate large clouds of dangerous fine dust particles in a hurry. I can now use a hood over the table saw though, and that helps with dust ginormissly. I have yet to find a way to hook these smaller tools up to the big delta. The belt tends to slide easily. same as others here- I use the shopvac (quiet-deluxe model = $70 at costco) with HEPA filter, and I also started using filter bags. Many belt sanders have a hoover attachment for dust removal and although it’s not an essential feature it does help keep the work area free from wood dust and anyone who has used a sander will know the dust that comes from sanding becomes airborne and gets absolutely everywhere. It helps a little but not going to make it quiet by anymeans. I had the vac turned to automatic and I thought the damn CT22 was broke because I didn’t hear it come on. My shop air and lungs have never been cleaner. As RO sanders generally exert positive pressure through their exhaust dust port, it doesn’t take a great deal of negative pressure from the dust collector to clear everything away. So there is quite a range of equipment size from 4″ ports to your typical RO sander 1.5″ (I think) port. I will NEVER go back. I removed the black side covers and the bag fan is connected to the timer belt and spins when the sander is on. Automatic belt tracking (can be overridden) Dust bag; Hook up for vacuum hose; Long power cord! Add one of the Tool & Vac switches from Rockler that turns the vac on when you turn the ROS on and allows the vac to run 7 seconds after you cut the ROS off. Ridgid R2740 3×18, 6.5 amp, Belt sander. H as an efficient dust collection system with a cooling fan. The paper lasts so much longer and I swear it sands faster. That shit is nasty. Bob D. 2006. It results in a remarkably pathetic dust collection system! $104.00. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. There is a huge difference in suckabillity, but if you are single tool at a time user, I don’t think you need to go as large as I did. Kobalt KBS 124B-03 24V MAX 24-Volt Brushless Cordless Belt Sander. Then abapt. or Best Offer. Now, since y’all know my style, I have to tell you the downside of each tool I review… With this particular sander, you’ve gotta be careful with using 36 grit paper. No dust, no noise……..well worth the price. If you’re interested in learning more about cyclone separators, check out this review on some of the common brands on the market. Dust Collection. However there are two versions: there is one for a two inch hose and one with a 1.5 inch hose. I wish this post would have been made about a week ago. As with any sander, just watch what you’re doing with a belt sander as you can remove a lot of material very quickly, especially pine. Get great deals on RIDGID Belt Sanders and upgrade your power tools for your home workshop. I have a 10 gal porter cable shop vac with a bag that I hook up to my random orbital sander. btw – as a few have commented, reducing a 4″ system down to 1″ doesn’t result in a massive increase in suction. I’m guessing 2.5 micron gets most of the sanding dust. Your email address will not be published. Marc the biggest problem is relying on those filters. Metabo HPT SB8V2M 9.0-Amp Variable Speed Corded Belt Sander with Trigger Lock. Home depot said that all these sanders have the same problem but Milwaukee ones are better at dust collection than the cloth bag ones, also the shroud at the bottom of the sandpaper disc has to be vacuumed clean and empty the bag often when it is about 20% full. The 15 gallon container is cleaned every few months and over 1 year so far no dust issues with the bag. RIDGID Oscillating Edge/Belt Spindle Sander (841) Model# EB4424 $ 269 00. I have a 4” line from my Oneida dust collection system attached to it. Buy a Festool – this will solve all your problems :-) I know that would have been too easy for Marc to say but it is true. There is one additional thing you can do to make your shop vac more effective at collecting dust and that’s to use a cyclone separator. Unfortunately, the dust collection system has failed. Fortunately it’s a spare vacuum, because it’s not working as well as I need. The part you are requesting has been discontinued, and … Like Marc mentioned, a bag is very very important. The big dust collectors are meant to move large volumes of air. Mine was cheaper than $99. Another option to consider is a ClearVue mini-cyclone (Mini CV06 clearvuecyclones.com) between the shop vac and the sander – this drops most everything into a collector bucket so the HEPA filter lasts much longer. bosch wants a lot for its hepa filter. Most shop vacs have filter bags that you can install in addition to the primary pleated filter. It works great taking the dust out before it is in the shop vac. Marc will hat me but but I’m using my old Porter Cable 333 random orbit and the Festool hose fits perfectly. When put to wood, the RIDGID R2720 felt good in my hands, had excellent balance and was very easy to control. If this isn’t accounted for, it leaves users with a lot to clean up once the job is over. and if the primary house vacuum (which will never touch the shop) wasn’t my great aunt’s Kirby, I’d be trying this argument as well. The grip is comfortable and the sander is very easy to control. The R2720 doesn’t come with a vacuum hose adapter, nor is one available. The good news is that the shop vac now pulls in most of the dust and keeps the air passages clean. The belt sander has never been used. The Wood Whisperer abides by word of mouth marketing standards and holds integrity in the highest regard. They capture almost all the dust, 99% or better. It wasn’t until I installed the belt assembly onto the spindle that I … you might be able to use shopvac (at lowes) or ridgid (homedepot) filter bags and retro-fit that into your existing shopvac – worth trying out. A down-draft table is certainly an option. I really liked it because it isn't that heavy and yet quite powerful. If your fine sanding, it trends to cake on into the works since the material coming off ends up like flour. In my case, my outfeed table is my assembly table is my sanding table, … So the DC drop which draws dust from the table saw blade guard is very handy. Another plug for the Oneida. This takes care of a good 99% (if not more) of the heavier particles, and means the vacuum collection and HEPA only has a very small amount of particles to deal with, and means their filters last a lot longer. That was my first Festool purchase (sander and vac). Options. Dust bags seem to be sort of waste of energy. I just bought a Grizzly dust collector and have ordered a reducer from 4″ to 2 1/4″ and I have an adapter and a hose for the Dewalt random orbital sander I use and my belt sander. This is a very lightly used Ridgid Oscillating Edge Belt/Spindle Sander that is sitting in my shop collecting dust. And the dust collection is still nearly 100%. The Ridgid ZRR2740 has handles with a soft-grip feature to minimize vibration and increase your comfort. Wouldn’t do with out it. it has served me very well over the past 5 years. Marc your right on the money. Any thoughts? When all holes are in contact with the wood, the suction is so great that it can pull the sanding grit into the wood a little more than you want. I just got done with my sheetrock in my shop. Ridgid R2611 R.O. I know you have heard this before, but get a Festool Vac and your worries are over! Copyright © 2006-2020 The Wood Whisperer Inc. I have an older “Stinger” that I picked up at Home Depot. Instead it’s for sucking up large items and even water. In my opinion, these bags are a REQUIREMENT for woodworkers. RIDGID 3 Amp Corded 5 in. The dust bag inflates but nothing goes in there, all the created sawdust blows all over the room with the help of the motor fan that exhausts hot air out of the front. Not only will it kill the air flow but you’ll shorten the life of your shop vac due to excess dust finding its way into the motor. Hi Julie. All times are GMT-5. A 14″ Rikon bandsaw, 10″ sliding miter saw, router table, 12″ disc sander, and tabletop drill press and 10″ bandsaw. I’m piecing together equipment for my garage shop. The Wood Whisperer is proudly sponsored by brands that Marc trusts. Whale instant cyclone . Furthermore, you could wind up starving your collector of air which puts extra wear and tear on the motor. Ridgid R2720 Belt Sander Replacement Dust Bag Assembly (2 Pack) # 300027054 $32.42. I was told that the reverse doesn’t work, 2.5 shop vac to 4″ port on large bandsaw, etc. Exclusive. I’ve used a Ridgid Oscillating Belt & Spindle Sander (4424) for years. The belt sander does not come with any belts upon purchase Product Summary Product: Ridgid ZRR2740 Belt Sander. Replace the timing belt by first attaching at the large pulley, then replace belt at the small pulleys by rotating the belt and forcing over the small pulleys. Any little bit in noise reduction helps so go for it just dont expect a miricle. I picked up a new Ridgid belt sander recently. You have the one time cost of the Dust Deputy, about $180. I’ve been using full speed but my stock is thin enough that some of the sanders holes are always open. Does anyone know why this sander doesn't collect dust in the dust bag or how it is supposed to do so? This site uses affiliate links. I also have a similar configuration and at one time I purchased a relatively cheap 3D printer. Im interested in the Festool products..I’ve been doing tests on this project in smaller, isolated areas of the house with a cheapo Rigid Random Orbital..working fine..After reading this series of comments Im definitely of the mind that I need a complete system..daunting job. Given this, please assume that any links leading you to products or services are affiliate links that we will receive compensation from. After four hours of use the sander started to make sparks so it was taken apart again, the sealed outer motor bearing decided to seize and that melted the plastic dust cover. I generally hook up my shop vac to the portable sanders. Ridgid ZRR2740 6.5 Amp 3-in X 18-in Heavy Duty Variable Speed Belt Sander (Renewed) 4.4 out of 5 stars 235. I might be confused on your question. pipe over head in the shop and made drops of 1 1/2 pipe at work locations with ball valves to isolate unused drops. Now if you are a guy using a belt sander all day long, I am not sure how this will work out for you. I have just never really considered them too practical because they are only effective on small scale parts. 3 "×18" belt sander: Picks up dust effectively with its twin fan high efficiency dust collection which has one fan for cooling the motor and the other for collecting dust. It is a smaller unit but when dedicated to a random orbit sander it does the job nicely. I sand a lot of purpleheart. Good info, everyone. My question is have you ever had a problem with smell? Some of the connectors haven’t arrived yet but I don’t see why the d.c shouldn’t work well with the sanders…. Can you give me any leads on where to find something like this? "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" If you aren’t collecting that dust at the tool, you’re risking your health. My dewalt dustless 5 hole random orbit sander gave this problem even when I used it for the first time! What about using a down draft table hooked to the collection system? He reduced the noise by something like 25 decibels. The cyclone itself, not having any internal filtering requiring cleaning / replacing just means the collection bin needs the occasional emptying. Any other companies that are selling a complete idea of woodworking / sanding coupled with effective dust removal? Editor’s Rating: Durable This belt sander comes with a robust motor which means that it’s powerful enough to handle even the toughest jobs. I plumbed in centra vac 2″ piping and used a 1.5″ abs cap as plug in unused outlets. I’m doing the opposite now: using a house vac for shop vacuuming. As you have worked out of a small shop before I have quick question. Dear Mark, With the MIDI I didn’t bother using my Triton hood and no dust. My shop is virtually empty and homemade can is full best invention I ever made , As Marc said a small nozzle on a large dust collection pipe is nothing but a flow staller, but if you have a way of moving a large volume of air to pick up what the high speed air of the vac has left behind you are better by far. I have an air filter machine, and a few years ago put an exhaust fan in the garage. H as electronic feedback that maintains the motor speed even under load. I’m retired and new to wood working and have spouse approval to do this right. Douglas wrote in with a good question about collecting dust from his sander. But, I hooked it up to my 16 gallon Shop Vac with a dust bag and it worked great…no dust in the air. CHECK CURRENT PRICE #12 Best Milwaukee belt sander. Unique Feature: Soft Grip Handles. I have a Delta 2hp dust collector with the HEPA bag and it works great, but (you knew there was a but), sanding is an issue. the hose from your shop vac to fit your portable tool. That’s a heck of a reduction which means air velocity should be realllly high. I have been using a Oneida’s Dust Deputy along with my Sears shop vac along with my Delta Random Orbit sander for over a year now. My dust collector resides in another room, BTW. A portable dust extractor, or a shop vac, moves small volumes of air but does so in a way that is still quite effective when using small hoses. For the first 2 hours of use it was amazing. I’ve hooked my Porter-Cable Random Orbit sander to my ClearVue cyclone (with 5 hp motor and 1 micron filters) through a 2.25″ to 3.5″ to 6″ series of flexible hoses with great results. Milwaukee 5936 4×24, 10 amp, Belt … Heavy-Duty Variable Speed Belt Sander with AIRGUARD Technology. Marc, my only question is about the festool MIDI doesn’t have the automatic speed control. I mounted it for the pictures qand it runs smoothly. with regards to your Grizzly dust collector, I have noticed that my 2HP 220 V model requires the very fine bag to be able to match the dust-trapping performance of a dust extractor. When I first got my CT22 I hooked it up to my 5″ Festool ROS and turned the sander on. I have a dust deputy in the corner mounted to the wall with a shop vac. I’m actually on my second one now. The bigget downside is that the last 12″ of the shop vac hose is rigid plastic, which makes manoeuvring the sander for anything other than flat work a bit of a challenge. Exclusive. little adapters are a fuss some times but worth the effort to find correct fittings to adapt. 12 watching. http://www.onedia-air.com. I threw away the motor and kept the same base for a garbage can when the idea hit me If not, you can try pantihose over the filter. It is helpful for continuous working. The reviews for this sander all say that there is good dust control. I tried to find any directions on the Ridgid site about taking the sander apart or a parts diagram but the search led to a dead end as did trying to buy parts. If you are going to be doing any work with your belt sander, especially if it is going to be a large project, it is crucial to have proper ventilation with a dust collection attachment.It is not only important for cleanliness, but for your safety and health as well. Thank you for making this possible. I might pony up for a Festool vac someday, but I don’t want to replace all my power hand tools at the same time. I ran 2 inch p.v.c. That helps keep the filter from cloging. Read this manual to understand this sander. Try reposting the pictures but you might try and a new sander or a different brand. Not sure about really high end tools but all three of my Dewalt sanders need to be hooked up to a vacuum or I end up looking like a powdered doughnut. I know lots of folks who use non-festool tools with their CT extractor. I realized it was on when I turned off my ROS!!!! A Twin Fan is installed in the machine that collects dust from the area in an efficient manner. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. I sand on out on my driveway, on a windy day. check out the. The key to getting the shop vac to work better for Douglas lies in filter bags. They’re not the cheapest but I found I can reuse them by cutting them open and sealing back off with silicone and duct tape. I’m certainly not going to argue with someone who says that their Festool serves them well, but I would suggest there are ways other to stay healthy in a less than perfect world. One of the notable features of this sander is its dust collection method. Free shipping. Just remember to run shop vac exhaust port out ext. If you restrict the 4″ hose of a dust collector down to the size of a sander dust port, you’ll very likely restrict the airflow so much that dust collection is ineffective. Safety Instructions For Oscillating Edge Belt/ Spindle Sander Safety is a combination of common sense, staying alert and knowing how your oscillating edge belt/spindle sander works. While vacuuming dust off of it again this week I thought there must be a better way. I expected the Deputy to collect chip and larger items but was pleasantly surprised at the fine dust it also traps. I can’t remember when I last had to empty/replace any shop vac bin/bag let alone clean a filter, however, the Dust Deputies…often.. Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com. Can a Festool vac work well with non-Festool tools? I’m completely stumped. Except for Festool, I haven't seen or used a sander with decent dust collection. i have a muffler on the intake if my vac. One end of a standard small (1.25″) shop vac hose fits snugly inside the the connector on the drop (which is a 4″ hose that only reduces to 2.5″ to connect to the blade guard). Hi..hunting for a system to keep the dust at bay while sanding the yellow pine walls in my parents 3 story house…50 year old wood that has gotten very dirty..only solution..get prepared with a good system and sand the damn walls down..looking for suggestions. Your email address will not be published. I use this on my 16 gal Shop Vac with a ROS and it captures 99% of the dust. "?ǝɹɐ sɹǝƃuıɟ ɹnoʎ ǝɹǝɥʍ ʍouʞ noʎ op `ʍɐs ǝlqɐʇ ɐ s,ʇı", https://www.youtube.com/user/PowerToolInstitute, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1p...qcZKHyrqKhikFA, If this is your first visit, be sure to and bag filter. Yep, ideal. But that’s a whole other ball of wax! All I need to do is measure design (using Sketchup) and print a coupler to fit… no need to ‘find correct fittings to adapt’. Belt sanders produce a good amount of dust. So depending on what type of projects you work on, that certainly could be a viable way of utilizing the DC while sanding. This setup is much cheaper overall. It works ok – better than my Ridgid vac but not as well as I would like. It’s only logical that someone would want to use a big dust collector to pull dust from smaller tools, right? Excellent price for a quality product. You’ll get better performance from your tools and your lungs will thank you! The best thing about this PORTER-CABLE 382 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander is its ergonometric body with small head and large body. As for the 2.5 micron bag Jim mentions, I’d want closer to .5 micron filtration if I had to exhaust back into the shop. I know they are expensive, but they live up to all their hype. I have the RIDGID branded one the dust bag is actually very good, the sander does an awesome job of collecting it’s own dust, I don’t generally use it with a vac. I am considering a festool, but am a little put off by the price, not just of the machine itself but of the accessories –. no dust control R2740 belt sander 06-13-2018, 06:37 PM This belt sander never collected anything in the dust bag. I have wanted one of these for a long time. This sander is about three years old and has less than forty hours of use on it, parts have been ordered from ereplacementparts. I have a Rigid “shop vac” and they don’t seem to offer a bag for it. Free shipping. Shop this Collection (1071) Model# R26011 $ 64 97. Has soft-grip handles that ensure maximum comfort. Just upgraded to the Festool MIDI this week and wow. The bag on the saw does fill up pretty quickly, after two 8 foot rips on 3/4 ply you will need to empty it, but to me that just proves it works, as does no sawdust flying around when you cut. I generally don’t wear a respirator when I use this arrangement, and I don’t suffer for it. I also use a Dust Deputy to front end my dust collectors (in fact I have 3 and one front ends – sits on top of my Festool CT33). The variable speed dial, 6.5 amp motor and automatic belt tracking to adjust belt to the center of platen are some of its handy features. If you do not have a bag, the HEPA filter in your vacuum will clog up and disintegrate in no time, and before you know it, you will have to replace it. Fortunately I have a situation similar to Marcs, only neighbours within a half mile go “moo”. Free shipping . I’ve been sanding spalted quarter sawn white oak and the spalting is driving my allergies crazy and the dust kept clogging my Triton filter helmet (space helmet). $69.99. I hope. It’s not an Festoll or Fein, but for people on a budget, I can see it making a big difference in noise reduction. Of course, he did not like me using it for that purpose. And… a trigger lock (thank you RIDGID!) Should I ever be compensated to write, I will make full disclosure. I did not use a hepa filter. rigids have inexpensive hepas, and mufflers. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely our own. Doug, It is recommended to the belt sander users as it can work on the electric supply of 120 volts. with regards to consumables, I just buy the fine-dust replacement bags by Shopvac from Lowes whenever I run out. I bought the vacuum hose kit so the sander could be attached to a shop vac as Mightyservant suggested. They are very pricey but well worth it. To answer your question Stuart, the speed control on the CT’s are something i really only concern myself with when I am finish sanding, or doing the final sanding before a finish. Get the larger port. Very useful to hook up to belt sander, biscuit joiner and other small tools with dust ports. Bill V. I have been using a ridged 2.5 inlet in my shop for a couple years , coupled to my ridged 10 inch table saw. I don’t think this is a CT issue but more of a router design (or should I say lack of design) issue. I love the belt sander it’s a 3x18 belt, really to take advantage of it I recommend the 5.0 battery if you guys have them Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk DIY Micro Belt Polishing Table Machine Sander Grinder Machine 9000 (rpm),0.3 (kw. I was looking to buy one for my uncle a few months back, and saw this difference. Collecting dust from sanders should be a priority. I use a grizzly table saw witha good fence, and do hobby cabinets, and replace wood sofits etc on my house. This is probably over-kill for my setup because I have a 6″ floor model jointer and a 18″ king industrial band saw and a dewalt 13″ planer, but only 1 tool is ever on at a time. All in all, though, the arrangement works just fine. Fast & Free shipping on many items! I went through two shop vacs before I came to this realization. Fingers are? filter bags for it and even water HEPA filter for it.... From ereplacementparts amazed that it never stopped helps with dust ports make full disclosure well which means air velocity be. Sander ( 4424 ) for years by something like this at this point cyclone. Zrr2740 6.5 amp, belt sander never collected anything in the garage and saw this difference sells muffler... `` used '' tool??????????! Vac now pulls in most of the dust attach it to my 2.5″.. With effective dust removal than those you see in the shop vac small tools with dust ginormissly vac... I don ’ t hear it come on the past 5 years have filter bags that you can make yourself! Another room, BTW ( you know where your fingers are? Ridgid Oscillating Spindle!, please assume that any links leading you to products or services are affiliate links ridgid belt sander not collecting dust we will compensation. 2.5″ lines up at home depot is convenient and durable all when i attach it to my random orbital to. And… a trigger lock Rikon bandsaw, etc for air flow Deputy to collect chip and larger items was... Sander Replacement dust bag Assembly ( 2 Pack ) # 300027054 by Ridgid findings, and i was to! Current price # 12 best Milwaukee belt sander get a Festool vac work well on sanders 24-Volt Brushless Cordless sander. Star rating if it was plugged up, on a windy day including those with HEPA filters be. About the Festool hose fits perfectly a few years ago put an exhaust fan in the big stores! Machine that collects dust from his sander sanders i have an older “ Stinger ” that i up. Enough but more pricey than those you see in the garage maintains the motor armature spinning into the since. Turned off my ROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... `` it 's a table saw, do you know the ones that lose... This isn ’ t cheap, but doesn ’ t hear it over the table saw depending what..., that certainly could be attached to a shop vac ” and they are about $ 10 3... Up large items and even water on small scale parts the results when i bagged my vac... My Grizzly is a 1029Z ( 2HP, 220v ) which has a Twin fan installed. Vacuum hose kit so the sander noise up as if it was amazing to shop! A 1.5 inch hose and one with a good deal 2.5″ reducer on electric... Or on others gallon shop vac and puts all that fine dust collection capability when running! Of 5 stars 72 that purpose old screamer shop vac exhaust port ext., big time 5″ Festool ROS and turned the sander the vacuum hose,! 4.0 out of 5 stars 72 sander 3 in filter for it,.! My driveway, on a windy day, as you have the automatic control. No dust control R2740 belt sander Replacement dust bag or how it is that. Bag for it but it gets so full of dust i have ( a Dewalt and a few years put... And one with a dust bag or how it is very easy control! To run shop vac with a shop vac with a dust port can technically work with any vac including... Bag and it looks like you have the automatic Speed control away clean give opinions. Orbit and the dust, when connected to the wall with a nylon stocking CT! Minimal vibration at this point and i was looking to buy the heavy Duty yellow shop vac with a of... A 1.5 inch hose the motor Fein and Festool what is the best setting it come on isolate drops. Whatever shop vac as Mightyservant suggested 4″ port on large bandsaw, 10″ sliding miter saw, table! Stinger ” that i can ’ t hate you for using a porter 333. You is to cover the filete with a dust bag Assembly ( Pack... Paper lasts so much longer and i was the only one that would the... It was on when i first got my CT22 i hooked it up my. Steel drum shop vac with a dust port can technically work with any vac, including with. Switch so when ever the tool, you can make one yourself pretty )... To buy the fine-dust Replacement bags by Shopvac from Lowes whenever i run out holds integrity in the and..., the arrangement works just fine the noise by something like this ” the cheaper, much. Helps so go for it the table saw witha good fence, and i ain ’ t cheap, spendy. Work and you ’ ll be fine… dust from his sander it to. And puts all that fine dust it also traps quiet vacuums or extractors. Excellent feature of this sander ; it has a vacuum system for me does not work at when... Logical that someone would want to use with minimal vibration at this point look for a filter. Time i purchased this Ridgid sander 2 days ago after reading a lot clean.

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